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This week, in Frankfurt

This morning the latest blog post on the Grauniad’s science pages was the annual complaint about crap news stories about ‘Blue Monday’. I’ve no idea if these stories have reached Germany (and there doesn’t seem to be anything about it … Continue reading

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How old is your method?

Over on the Methods in Ecology & Evolution blog, Sam (our Assistant Editor) has just put up a podcast she edited from interviews made by Barb Anderson at Intecol this year. She wandered the meeting with a sonic screwdriver asking … Continue reading

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Attack Budgies: leaks from the secret labs of GrrlScientist

This morning I was gravely offended by being described as an “attack parrot”. The offender’s mitigation was that he had originally wanted to call me an “attack budgie”, but had refrained, presumably because he thought an attack budgie sounded less … Continue reading

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On the Evolution of Camouflage in Urban Environments

One of my offices is in the Geozentrum in the Goethe University here in Frankfurt. This morning this was on the side of the building: I only saw it because it was flapping about a bit in the wind. If … Continue reading

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How oil companies are helping to combat global warming

I just saw this news that Statoil is to be allowed to drill holes in the bottom of the North Sea: Now, oil companies (and that’s what Statoil is: it has nothing to do with statistics) are often vilified … Continue reading

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Prizes Straight from the Pits of Hell

This should make predicting this year’s science Nobels easier. Last month, Republican congressman Paul Broun, who also happens to be a member of the US House of Representatives science committee, described evolution, the big bang theory and embryology as ‘lies … Continue reading

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Research with impact

After Stephen’s posts about impact factors and the like, I have a couple of serious posts brewing. But for now (and because it’s Friday), I want to admit to my reaction today to an advert I got about a journal, … Continue reading

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lme4: destined to become stable through rounding?

(this would have appeared on my blog on Nature Network, but the pulled the plug the day before. Sometimes correlation does not mean causation) Fans of R and mixed models are aware of the lme4 package. This started out as … Continue reading

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Stupidity Molecule Identified

Researchers at the University of Utrecht have identified a molecule that could play a key role in controlling how stupid headlines develop in scientific press releases. Neurobiologists are trying to understand how titles that are at first sensible differentiate into … Continue reading

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Selecting Your LOLcats

The internet is a great thing, but it brings with it some problems. One of the future problems that we, as a civilisation, will face is the increased time we will be forced to spend finding the ideal photo for … Continue reading

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