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More Ideas About Ideas in Ecology and Evolution

A couple of years ago I blogged about a new journal, Ideas in Ecology and Evolution, and it’s experiments in the reviewing process. I was sceptical then, but happy to be shown wrong: I think we need these experiments to … Continue reading

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As sick as a Beast

I can’t remember if I’ve had cause to mention this before, but The Beast is an Australian. This may explain his reaction to the news last week of England winning The Ashes series 3-1: he was throwing up the following … Continue reading

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Banned! (no, not me)

Oh dear. The Chinese translation of Andrew Gelman’s book on hierarchical models and Bayesian analysis has been banned, due to “various politically sensitive materials in the text”. He must be so proud. I’ll check the text tomorrow to see what … Continue reading

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Linda Lin just blogged about the new Google Analytics we have on NN. The most popular keyword (which I assume mean search term) is “Am I wasting my time?”. Irrespective of the message of the post it leads to, the … Continue reading

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