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Detonation Aftermath

Sunday was a Big Day in Frankfurt. Next to the building where I work there is – or rather was – an ugly tower block, the AfE tower. We only move into our building last summer, and the whole time … Continue reading

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A Brief Service Announcement

Sorry for not posting much, um, recently. This is partly because I’ve been busy, and also because I’ve been avoiding writing an obituary for The Beast, who died a few weeks before Christmas. In the words of Trillian, normal service … Continue reading

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Why does PLoS hate openness?

My frustrations for the day – I’m co-author on a manuscript submitted to PLoS. We’re now trying to upload the final version but we’re hitting silly problems that are caused by PLoS seemingly being beholden to Microsoft.

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On Ugly and Not so Ugly Maths

This week I’ve been writing a grant application. This has meant trawling through a pile of literature I wasn’t terribly familiar with. During that trawling I found this piece of rather ugly maths:

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Aaaagh pt. 393

I’ve been largely off-line for a week, for a couple of reasons: Mike Dunford was visiting, and then I had to prepare for a course. That preparation was perfect: the only students who turned up were in the wrong place. … Continue reading

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Less on Branch Lengths and Species

Oops. I scheduled this for today, and then didn’t get round to writing the post. ahem

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How Not to Package Software

I’ve just been trying to get Texmaker to run. This is a free programme for writing stuff in LaTeX, and I needed it to write some equations for a blog post (I tried OpenOffice, but couldn’t find where it stored … Continue reading

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