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Bears in Search of a Caption

OK, it’s Friday and you lot don’t have anything to do either. But take heart, folks. The Great Beyond has just pointed to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the NHM. Lots of goodies there, but I did … Continue reading

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It’s a Mystery

Browsing through the latest and greatest at NN, I noticed this new event posted by Matt Clarke’s Cabinets of Cures: Blood, Mermaids and Madness Am I the only one who thinks it sounds like Maxine’s critique of Henry’s LabLit novel?

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Unnatural Hunting

I’ve been reading an article about hunting mortality, where the authors ask how we should arrange our hunting so as to mimic natural mortality. But they leave aside one very important question – why should we want to mimic natural … Continue reading

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Ooh, how dare he…

I did my civic duty today, and braved the storms to vote. The Helsinki municipal elections aren’t quite as vital to the world’s interests as some other elections this autumn, but then they do boring things in Finland like talk … Continue reading

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Sexism and Sequencing?

One thing we discussed at the ScienceBlogging09 meeting in London in August was the relationship between blogging and more formal scientific communications. Henry Gee suggested that blogs are for half-baked ideas, that can then be criticized in the blogospheric oven … Continue reading

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Cleaning out the Department

An email has just been sent round our ecologists – one of those periodic attempts to organize communal storage in freezers. It included this little titbit (with my emphasis): During this month all the stuff in the room 1303 should … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 and Research

During last couple of days I was in a meeting of our Centre of Excellence in Evolutionary Genetics and Physiology, of which I’m a member. One of the issues I talked about and we discussed was using Web 2.0 ideas … Continue reading

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Open Access: why?

I was writing a post for Open Access day yesterday, but was distracted by other things. I came back to it today, and continued. Then I realized that the points I wanted to make had already been made, either in … Continue reading

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Why bother?

This is something I hope they never do to my work: Joint RSS/MRC/NIHR HTA meeting on Futility Analysis in Clinical Trials (sorry, I can’t get the link to go to the right page) Ah, a quick google helps me find … Continue reading

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Zebrafish Development on YouTube

I’m glad we didn’t have YouTube when I was an undergrad, I might have become a developmental biologist…

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