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What’s an ecological niche, mummy?

I’m sat in a workshop about the ecological niche. One thing we’ve been discussing is what people understand the ecological niche to mean (don’t worry, we discussed more concrete things too). (source) So, here’s a question for you (particularly ecologists), … Continue reading

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Why can’t they do this at every conference?

From, inevitably, the Improbable Research blog.

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My Application to Join ScienceBlogs

Scienceblogs seems to be creating space in their blogroll for new bloggers, so now seems a good time to apply to join the collective. Being bloggy and everything, it seems only right to send my application as a blog entry. … Continue reading

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Scientific article download costs | Code for Life

Just a quicky… Grant Jacobs has just done a quick survey of the amounts charge for downloads of scientific papers. The cheapest charge $7, and most were $20 or more, the most expensive being $50 – and some only gave … Continue reading

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The Power of Rhinoplasty

Via the Improbable Research Blog (the essential resource for the sillier end of science), we learn of the latest advance in quackery quantum theory: the unhappening machine.

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