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Research with impact

After Stephen’s posts about impact factors and the like, I have a couple of serious posts brewing. But for now (and because it’s Friday), I want to admit to my reaction today to an advert I got about a journal, … Continue reading

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lme4: destined to become stable through rounding?

(this would have appeared on my blog on Nature Network, but the pulled the plug the day before. Sometimes correlation does not mean causation) Fans of R and mixed models are aware of the lme4 package. This started out as … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Menagerie

In my first OT post I mentioned The Menagerie I live in. So, while GrrlScientist is attending to parts of it I thought I’d introduce some of the residents, including some of the shyer ones

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Stupidity Molecule Identified

Researchers at the University of Utrecht have identified a molecule that could play a key role in controlling how stupid headlines develop in scientific press releases. Neurobiologists are trying to understand how titles that are at first sensible differentiate into … Continue reading

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