As I have some time free…

I was recently encouraged by a certain gentleman of this parish to return to blogging. Great, I thought, but when will I get the time? But over the weekend I was struck down by Lurgy-19, and as this is a particularly bad week for doom-scrolling on Twitter, I could either write a blog post or review manuscripts for said gentleman of this parish. Not a diffcult choice.

Recommendation to the editor: Reject and encourage resubmission, but to a journal who’s editor in chief you hate. Let them trawl through the 377 pages of supplementary information to work out what bifurcated spindles are, and how they are measured.

Recovering from Lurgy-19 is hard work.

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One Response to As I have some time free…

  1. Henry Gee says:

    Here I am commenting with a comment to say I couldn’t possibly comment.

    Oh, and get well soon.

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