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World Statistics Day Today

The UN has declared that today is World Statistics Day. For some strange reason they’re more interested in Official Statistics, like GPD, and rates of unemployment rather than the interesting stuff to do with estimating the variation in weights of … Continue reading

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Scientia Pro Publica 41: the IgNobel Edition

41? I always fall short when getting to the answer.

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Scientia Pro Publica TOMORROW

I’ve been horribly remiss in advertising Scientia and other carnivals recently, but this one I can’t avoid. Scientia Pro Publica (Science for the People) will return to a weekly schedule (we’re getting enough submissions that every 2 weeks is a … Continue reading

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Am I wasting my time?

Physicists have it easy. When they’re not talking about stuffing their hands into their equipment, they’re measuring their fundamental constants to 38 significant figures. Chemists too have a simple time – they get to make stinks and bangs with expensive … Continue reading

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