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Publicity and Outreach Done Wrong

I guess we all saw the publicity surrounding Ida, the Fossil That Will Change Everything. Well, in the same week two papers with my name on were also published online, but received nowhere near the same publicity. On reflection, it’s … Continue reading

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Help! How Do I Deal With Microarrays?

In the past I have ranted about the evils of p-values and also how we’re not collecting the right sort of data. Both of these have just collided in my work, and I’m not sure what to do.

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Misleading Headlines

If you’ve been following the British news, you’ll know that the main political parties aren’t popular, because they’ve been more concerned about the welfare of ducks than of their constituents. So how do you react to this headline in the … Continue reading

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On the Origin

I just want to say that today’s Non Sequitur works for me:

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Damn, I want to do another PhD

This just looks cool, in the bizarre and silly way I think some science should be done:

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Scientia Pro Publica 3: the Swine ‘flu Edition

Here we go. The third edition of Scientia Pro Publica (Science for the People), the carnival of the good science blogging from the past couple of weeks.

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Waiting For The Future

Last week was Vappu, when Finns celebrate the coming of Spring. They do this in the traditional way, of drinking too much and going for a picnic the following day. But spring is only just arriving. Although the temperatures have … Continue reading

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