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Nursing Some Thoughts about Science Funding

Last week Sir Paul Nurse was proposed as the candidate to be the next president of the Royal Society of London. His first act was to be interviewed in the Times, and to alienate the majority of scientists

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Scientia Pro Publica #26 is up!

Yep, the Laywers got their hands on it. The next edition is in one week’s time, so submit your posts now! Either use this automated form, or email it to the carnival. So submit before the volcano gets you!

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Cough cough choke

All of use in central and northern Europe are suffering from the latest Icelandic insult: rather than settling their debts after their banks collapsed, they’ve sent us bits of less-than-prime Icelandic real estate. You can see some in this view … Continue reading

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Aaaagh pt. 393

I’ve been largely off-line for a week, for a couple of reasons: Mike Dunford was visiting, and then I had to prepare for a course. That preparation was perfect: the only students who turned up were in the wrong place. … Continue reading

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A Quiz: What’s this a List of?

It’s Friday, so here’s something scientific to fill your time until you can run off home. the following is a list of items from a manuscript I was reading last week. Can you guess what they are?

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Submit to Scientia NOW! (please?)

If I may indulge you for a moment, SUBMIT TO SCIENTIA PRO PUBLICA NOW! Yes, support the blog carnival for science, aimed at the general public.

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More on Branch Lengths and Species

Last Monday I wrote about one of those frustrating papers that asks an interesting question, but the more you look at it, the less sure you are of the results. In this case they might be right, but I think … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Evolution Published, and…

The 22nd Carnival of Evolution is up at Beetles in the Bush. So you can while away the rest of Easter browsing the latest blogosphere’s thoughts. The next edition of the Carnival of Evolution will appear in May at Evolution: … Continue reading

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