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Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Nicking Chad’s idea, as it’s Friday, tell me (us?) something I (we?) don’t know.

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Semiotics and Statistics

Semiotics is the study of signs, probably most famous because Umberto Eco wrote a book based around it. One important distinction that semiotics makes is between the sign and the object, i.e. the thing the sign refers to. This distinction … Continue reading

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Comments On…

There’s been rather a lot of meta-blogging recently, for a variety of reasons. So if you’ve had enough of that, here’s a blog you might like to read instead. The rest of you should be ready to be interactive, as … Continue reading

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The Next Great Adventure at This Scientific Life

I’ve got a new blog! I sneaked in under their radar, and I’m now also blogging at the newest, shiniest (at least for this week) science blogging platform – Scientopia. I’ll be blogging along with my wife, GrrlScientist, on our … Continue reading

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