ScienceOnline09: live-blogging the wine tasting

So. We spent the morning at a coffee tasting, and the afternoon at the BRITEs (Abel Pharmboy’s, not any other).

Bora’s nose can be incredibly useful
Now we are about to indulge in a wine tasting, whilst admiring Isis’ latest shoe:

The wines are provided by The Wine Authorities.
First up: a couple of Chardonnays, from France and California. The French is lighter in colour. PalMD thinks the Californian is closer to a scotch than a wine: too much oak (from the barrel). As with the coffee this morning, I find I don’t have the vocabulary to describe the wines.

The white wines
Next (in a moment) the reds
Oh. We’re now being live cast, apparently. I wonder where…
Now the reds. Two Pinot Noir. Amarosa (California) and ??? Valley (Oregon). The Oregon wine vinyard is owned by the offspring of the guy with the second greatest number of US patents.

I don’t like the Californian – too many tannins (apparently). The Oregon wine is really nice.
(ah, livesteam here!)

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8 Responses to ScienceOnline09: live-blogging the wine tasting

  1. Craig Rowell says:

    I LOVE THE WINE AUTHORITIES! When I lived in Durham my kids and Craig’s (one of the owners) kids went to school together. Craig and Seth have one of the best wine newsletters on the planet and the best store (which is saying a lot since I now live in the East Bay – which has a million wine shops). Enjoy the wine and the conference. I am jealous!

  2. Kristi Vogel says:

    Two Pinot Noir. Amarosa (California) and ??? Valley (Oregon)
    Willamette? Yamhill? Inquiring and envious minds want to know.
    Put Abel on the phone liveblog interwebz whatever.

  3. Bob O'Hara says:

    I’ve added a photo – it’s Willamette. Abel has said he’ll send round the details later. I’ll have to remember to put them up.
    Oh gods! They’re using the live feed to show off peoples’ shoes…..

  4. Björn Brembs says:

    That was a very nice wine tasting!Coming from a wine area, I’m used to a different format, but this was very exciting because of the unusual settings. Loved it.

  5. Kristi Vogel says:

    Thanks, Bob. Sounds like a great wine-tasting event! I love Willamette Valley pinots.

  6. steffi suhr says:

    You are all doing what you can to make everyone who’s not there as jealous as possible, aren’t you? Pllrrrp, I’m going to a conference in Nice next Saturday 😛

  7. Bob O'Hara says:

    Have they organised a wine tasting as well?

  8. steffi suhr says:

    Well, there’ll be the ‘opening welcome mixer reception’, hosted by the mayor of Nice, on Sunday… a couple of poster sessions and receptions during the week, and more ‘mixers’.. no conference dinner though, as far as I can tell – it’s a gigantic meeting. I suspect it will be French wines throughout, which apparently some people don’t like as much.
    So you win.

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