Scientia Pro Publica: Posts wanted!

Yes, I still want your posts! we have a few, but not enough.

If you’ve written something about science, nature and medicine in the last couple of weeks, or if you’re read something about those subjects that you liked, submit it to the Scientia Pro Publica carnival. I’ll be hosting it here next Monday. You can use this automatic form to submit. The deadline for submissions is Sunday-ish (I intend to write most of it on Sunday, and hope I don’t get a flood of submissions after that).

Anyway, make sure you include the URL or “permalink”, the essay title and 2-3 sentence summary. The latter helps me work out what the heck it’s all about.
If you want to see what previous issues of Scientia Pro Publica looked like, they are here and here.
Thus far we seem to be lacking (1) submissions from Nature Network, and (2) anything to do with Swine ‘Flu. Very odd.

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