Scientia Pro Publica TOMORROW

I’ve been horribly remiss in advertising Scientia and other carnivals recently, but this one I can’t avoid. Scientia Pro Publica (Science for the People) will return to a weekly schedule (we’re getting enough submissions that every 2 weeks is a lot of work, and there are enough for one week). I was too close when she made this decision, so I was saddled with writing it: the carnival will thus appear here tomorrow. But it needs submissions!

So if you’ve written about science recently, please send it in to the carnival.If you haven’t written anything, then why not write it now? I’ll probably publish it Monday evening (European time). If you’re too late for this edition, then don’t worry: there will be another one along in a week.
You can submit to Scientia Pro Publica, with this automated submission form or email it directly to ScientiaBlogCarnival at gmail dot com, or use the snazzy widget that is lurking on this page, ready to screw everything up.
Be sure to include the URL or “permalink”, the essay title and, to make life easier, include a 2-3 sentence summary. If you wish to read the archived issues to see those contributions that were included previously, visit the Scientia website for links to archived carnivals.
The change to a weekly schedule means that we need more hosts. So please volunteer, either by emailing the carinval (ScientiaBlogCarnival at gmail), or leaving a comment below. You can check the current schedule here.
And I’ll try to advertise other carnivals in the next week or so too.

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5 Responses to Scientia Pro Publica TOMORROW

  1. Austin Elliott says:

     Do things that were submitted but didn’t make it into the last one get "rolled over" to be considered for the next one, Bob?
    I submitted a couple of things late on to the last one which didn’t get used – but can’t be bothered sending them in again.

  2. Bob O'Hara says:

    Yep, they are rolled over – I’ve just checked and your two are in the queue (as are two from Stephen Curry)

  3. Stephen Curry says:

     Ah yes, had forgotten about those…

  4. Austin Elliott says:

     Pretty sure Stephen’s posts will have far more actual science in them than my miscellaneous ranting.

  5. Austin Elliott says:

     And I’ve now submitted my latest effort too

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