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Yay, a banner!

I finally worked out The Secret to putting a banner up (it would have been quicker to read the instructions, I suppose). So The Beast is now proudly at the top of the blog, where he feels he belongs.

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Comments On…

There’s been rather a lot of meta-blogging recently, for a variety of reasons. So if you’ve had enough of that, here’s a blog you might like to read instead. The rest of you should be ready to be interactive, as … Continue reading

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Help With the New Policy

One of the changes at the Nature network blogs has been the introduction of a whacking great big Policy button on the blogs. Not everybody is happy about this, partly because of the tone of the piece (Yes, Policy, I … Continue reading

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I’m Here! At last.

The last couple of days have been strange at NN. First, we were told that the site would be taken down at noon GMT. It wasn’t so some of us spent the afternoon waiting to see when it would happen, … Continue reading

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