Is it really August?

Conversation from lunch today:

Friend 1: “I had to put the heating on today”
Me: “I had to put the duvet back on the bed”
Friend 2: “I had to put on a COAT!”

Got back to work to find a third friend’s updated Gmail status message:

“I will NOT put the heat on in August”

Rain. Cold. Low cloud. Wind. This is NOT normal. Not for August, anyway.

It’s supposed to get better for the upcoming long weekend…

In other news, I suspect that Okham is using mind control on my cats. They stole my iPhone headphones this morning; I eventually found them with the wire wrapped no less than four times around the horizontal support on one of the dining room chairs.

Yes, I’m having a horrible day at work and I need to break it up with nice things like blogging and brownies. Got a problem with that?

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9 Responses to Is it really August?

  1. okham says:

    What is worse, a horrible day at work or not being able to sleep at night because your body is still living in its good ol’ time zone ?Either way, blogging and brownies should work in both situations…Hey, did you change your identity ?

  2. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Well, I couldn’t sleep for thinking about work stuff, so I think I win! But yeah, flying East is horrible. Coming back is always much easier, for me anyway.Yes, I changed my identity. I got sick of using my initials, although because of the way they only show up in lower case in the comments, apparently people didn’t realise they were my initials and were calling me “Cay” in their heads. Now, about that mind control…

  3. okham says:

    Well, yes, I confess, I have been working on mind control techniques for a long time, but so far I have only gotten them to work on myself (or, cats).The thing about flying back in three weeks is that by the time we do it I’ll just begin to be adjusted to this TZ. I can’t wait until they develop software that is good enough to have an entire virtual conference…

  4. ScienceGirl says:

    Sorry about the bad day at work – hope your weekend is going much better!

  5. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Okham, a three week conference? Sweet!SG, thanks – I checked my work email on Saturday morning and while things are still not great I think they are calming down. On top of everything else they are not going to let us have kettles at our desks any more, and you can imagine how happy I am about that…

  6. okham says:

    Nah… it’s more like four conferences crammed in three weeks… including one in London, btw. And, as for “sweet”… that’s basically what I am nourishing myself on, these days. Eastern Europe is not recommended for vegetarians.

  7. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    London in the heat… nice. If you have any spare time I suggest finding a shady spot under a tree in one of the lovely parks. St James’s is my favourite, and not just because it matches the name of Newcastle United’s stadium. And don’t let the London Eye people tell you that the pods are air conditioned, they’re not, or at least not enough to compensate for all the people crammed in there. Oh, and avoid the tube in the heat of the day if at all possible. Especially the Northern line – my poor sister lives towards the end of this ancient monstrosity and suffers a great deal.

  8. okham says:

    Thanks for the pointers ! I doubt if it will be hotter than in the other places in central and northern Europe where I have been/am, or even in Italy, where I shall be later this month… As for places to go in London, I’ll pass your tips to Mrs Okham, who is in charge of the sightseeing schedule, in exchange for me being at the conference the better part of the day.

  9. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    The thing with London is that it’s not set up for heat. So if you’re unlucky enough to be there during a heat wave, there’s no air conditioning, none of the nice cool shady plazas you find in Southern Europe… the museums and churches are good places to escape to!

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