All weekends should be long weekends

Seriously, I think I need three days EVERY weekend. Here’s what we did this BC Day long weekend:

Saturday: lazy day.

Got up late after being out for dinner and drinks on Friday. Lounged on sofa. Drank tea, made simple breakfast. Read papers. Played with cats. Read book. Played a lot of Risk. Read blogs. Drank more tea. Watched TV. Sent Mr E Man out to forage for food (Thai) and DVDs. Watched Juno (I loved it. Great dialogue and soundtrack, although Jason Bateman and Michael Cera are in danger of overexposure. At least they didn’t have any scenes together – given their roles as father and son in Arrested Development, it would have been quite weird. Mr E Man was more ambivalent about this movie). Watched In Bruges (we both really liked it. More great dialogue, and the city looked amazing. I’ve been to Bruges three times, but am happy to visit for a fourth time to show Mr E Man around and have encore des moules et frites, avec beaucoup des bieres). Snoozed on the sofa. Early night.

After dealing with work crap last week and being out of town for the last few weekends, I really, really needed a day like Saturday.

Sunday: party day (with occasional chores).

Got up late. Lounged on sofa. Drank tea, made simple breakfast. Did weekly grocery run and called my parents. Played with the cats. Headed to Spanish Banks beach for friends’ annual BC Day Weekend BBQ. Drank beer, ate hot dogs and cake and fruit. Drank more beer. Realised I was hammered (this happened in a very precariously placed and wobbly port-a-potty) and switched to juice. Adjourned to friends’ house for poker (I won some money, Mr E Man broke even). Played with friends’ pets, fell asleep on friends’ couch. Late night.

Monday: chores day (with occasional movies).

Got up slightly earlier. Drank tea, Mr E Man made super fabulous cooked breakfast. Cleaned and tidied house. Tried to fix crashed computer – it’s back up now, but I haven’t checked that all my files are still where they should be. Weeded and watered garden (I have one red tomato! And a bunch of green ones that don’t seem to want to ripen). Picked peas, eating most of them before they made it into the kitchen. Meanwhile, Mr E Man helped with the cleaning and tidying, washed all the dishes, sorted out our camping gear, and cut the grass. Or rather, the weeds. Played with cats (outside this time).

Got stood up by my scheduled geek date, because he got himself a real date instead. Somehow managed to persuade Mr E Man to take geek date’s place and take me to see the new X-Files movie (Good, but not great. If you’re a fan then I’d recommend it, but only if you’re a fan. The snowy BC mountain scenery did look amazing, but why was this a summer release? I have two regrets related to this movie, the first being much more serious than the second: I realised that the mystery location shoot I’d cycled past every day for a couple of weeks last winter was the set for Billy Connolly’s (the preacher’s) lodgings. This is just a few blocks South of the Olympic curling venue by the way – is my route to work the most happening part of the city or what?! I can’t believe I never stopped to check out the shoot; as big of an X-Files fan as I was/am, I’m a MUCH bigger Billy Connolly fan and would have loved to see him in action. I must be getting complacent about film sets, like native Vancouverites. Also it was dark and bloody freezing at the time, the artificial snow being joined by the real thing on a few occasions. Secondly, according to IMDB the film has an extra scene during the credits that I missed because Mr E Man was desperate to leave by that time. Although he did think the movie was OK, and he was happy to support the local film industry that helps to pay our mortgage).

Drove home, passing the aforementioned movie location on the way. Ordered sushi, ate it while watching The Spiderwick Chronicles (pretty good, for a kids’ movie. Quite scary for younger kids though I’d imagine). Early night.

So, overall, the weekend was a perfect blend of rebooting my energy levels, getting all the essential stuff done, seeing friends (and movies!) and generally relaxing.

Why can’t every weekend be like this?!

Join my campaign for a four day work week!

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4 Responses to All weekends should be long weekends

  1. ScienceGirl says:

    Another 3-day weekend? I think I gotta move to Canada!tag!

  2. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Yeah, there’s basically one per month from Easter to Christmas. Jan – March are long slogs though!Thank you for the tag – I’ll give it some more consideration before passing it on!

  3. Mermaid says:

    I’m in. I even think I would be more productive in those 4 days. Shall we start lobbying our common employer and see if we can make it happen? Even if it were just ‘summer hours’ I would be happy!

  4. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Hmm, maybe I’ll wait until I’m on a permanent contract…

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