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Today is Hug a Climate Scientist Day!

As declared by First Dog on the Moon: I’m not a climate scientist, but will accept hugs anyway. For reasons to weird to comprehend, there are climate scientists along the same corridor as my office, so I might leap out … Continue reading

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Species-area relationships don’t overestimate extinction rates from habitat loss

Today at work we had a journal club about a recent paper in Nature that had caused a bit of a stir. It had suggested that the reason we don’t see as many extinctions due to habitat loss as we’d … Continue reading

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Escaping the poverty trap

(I conned GrrlScientist into posting this on her Guardian blog) Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California (1936) Image: Dorothea Lange (1895-1965) Common domain. As an old fashioned liberal, I want us all to be happy, and for the State to play a … Continue reading

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You know it’s time for bed when…

These two maps should look the same: and they were last week too. Time to get some sleep, I think.

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Synthese Editors in Chief diss their own journal

And now for something completely different. Philosophers scoring an own goal. John Wilkins give the full story, but here’s a summary, and then my own views.

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On the analysis of proportions in ecology, on a Friday

Last year I published a paper with my friend Johan on the evils of log transformations in the analysis of count data. We went for the subtle title “Do not log-transform count data“. Now, I was aware that this wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Advances of Modern Technology

This is a sign of how the web has changed research. Today I was reading a paper that used a technique that goes by the name of “linear model of coregionalization”. No, I didn’t know what it was either. The … Continue reading

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π Day

Those wacky Americans have decided that today (14/3) is Pi day, thereby proving that they are inferior. Over in Europe, we’ll celebrate Pi approximation day on July 22nd (22/7). But I’ve decided I’ll celebrate pie day on the 8th of … Continue reading

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Top Tips for Dealing with the Press

Some things just get funnier and funnier. On Sunday, Ed Yong (who is not exactly a rocket scientist) put something up on Posterous recounting an exchange with a Press Information Officer. Ed had seen a press release, and wanted to … Continue reading

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Ordinal Regression: Data to Order

On Thursday, Eric Michael Johnson tweeted a request for help: Pop Quiz: You have 3 nominal categories of ordinal data collected at 3 separate time intervals. What statistical test is most appropriate? Once I had past my usual bee in … Continue reading

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