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Meta-analyses in Ecology and Evolution

I talked myself into giving a talk in a group seminar about meta-analyses in September, but that was shifted to November, so that everyone could attend. So, here it is. I have a couple of thoughts about how meta-analyses in … Continue reading

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Ordinal Regression: Data to Order

On Thursday, Eric Michael Johnson tweeted a request for help: Pop Quiz: You have 3 nominal categories of ordinal data collected at 3 separate time intervals. What statistical test is most appropriate? Once I had past my usual bee in … Continue reading

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Some Important and Weighty Stuff in Statistics

(note: to create maximal puzzlement I have cross-posted this at my other blog) Right, now let’s talk about methods for stochastic numerical integration, in particular calculating importance weights. This is a technique that is probably underused, largely because… Why are … Continue reading

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As sick as a Beast

I can’t remember if I’ve had cause to mention this before, but The Beast is an Australian. This may explain his reaction to the news last week of England winning The Ashes series 3-1: he was throwing up the following … Continue reading

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Rates of Scientific Fraud Retractions

Ivan Oransky on his Retraction Watch blog pointed to a paper by R. Grant Steen looking at numbers of retraction and whether they were due to fraud or error. Ivan pointed to a news item on The Great Beyond by … Continue reading

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World Statistics Day Today

The UN has declared that today is World Statistics Day. For some strange reason they’re more interested in Official Statistics, like GPD, and rates of unemployment rather than the interesting stuff to do with estimating the variation in weights of … Continue reading

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