Friday’s Primate Party

I think I’ll continue my week-old tradition of posting about primates on Fridays.

This week’s cheeky chappy was a stowaway on a flight from Florida to New York. He escaped notice on his flight from Peru to Florida and during a subsequent stopover, but finally crawled out from under his owner’s hat on the way to New York. Reminds me of a line from Friends – “hey, that monkey has a Ross on its ass”.

As far as monkeys go, there are worse species to sit next to on a plane1. Hell, I’d rather sit next to this cute little fella than some of the people I’ve endured on long flights.

1. Howler monkeys and any species that throws faeces2 spring to mind

2. Hey, that rhymed! I’m a poet and I didn’t realise it. Anyone wanna start a limerick? Or maybe a monkey rap?

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