Noooo! No more reading!

The new job is going really well so far. I feel as if I’ve been genuinely useful in my first week, which included an important postdoctoral fellowship application deadline. It’s been very intense though, which caused the inevitable dreams to start ahead of schedule, and I’ve been reading a LOT of research papers. In fact, if I tried to read another full paper this weekend I think my head would explode. This week’s Journal Club will therefore consist of some of the more eye-catching paper titles I’ve read this week.

From Science:

Widespread Morning Drizzle on Titan by Máté Ádámkovics and colleagues from the University of California, Berkeley.

So it’s not just Vancouver then.

A pair of complementary papers in Current Biology:

Salvador-Warts-Hippo Signaling Promotes Drosophila Posterior Follicle Cell Maturation Downstream of Notch by Cédric Polesello and Nicolas Tapon at the Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute


The Salvador-Warts-Hippo Pathway Is Required for Epithelial Proliferation and Axis Specification in Drosophila by Carine Meignin and colleagues at the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge.

Apparently two different labs were so taken with this magnificent combination of Drosophila gene names that they just had to publish papers this week.

Well, that’s your lot for today. I have a whole bunch of cool endogenous retrovirus papers to read, and hopefully I’ll at least make it through the abstracts in time for next week’s post.

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3 Responses to Noooo! No more reading!

  1. Mad Hatter says:

    You know, the fly genetics field simply has the coolest gene names! 🙂

  2. CAE says:

    I know, it was the only thing that made my undergrad developmental biology course bearable! (Terrible lecturer). There’s a pretty good list of names here. My favourite is INDY (I’m not dead yet – long-lived fly). I also like cheapdate (reduced alcohol tolerance).

  3. Mad Hatter says:

    I remember cheapdate! Didn’t that paper get the cover of Cell when it came out? Something about sticking flies in a container with ethanol vapours and looking to see which ones became too inebriated to fly. Thanks for the link–I’ll have to go check out more cool names!

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