Propter Doc is awesome

Last night was really, really fun. I hadn’t done the blogger meetup thing before, but it wasn’t weird at all – well, maybe for a minute or so. (The beer helped). Of course we already knew some of each others’ stories so it wasn’t like meeting a complete stranger or anything. We found we had a lot in common, and ended up chatting and laughing for about 4 hours. Unfortunately for anyone reading, most of what we talked about is unbloggable – sorry! Have to protect anonymity and all that.

At the end of the night the weather was so foul, I was actually disappointed that my bike hadn’t been stolen. I rode home in a freezing downpour. Uphill. With the wind against me. In my jeans. Not smart. I almost pulled over and changed into my lycra leggings by the side of the road – but I wasn’t quite that drunk. Luckily there were several other drunk cyclists to talk to for most of the way home. One of them had a fixed gear bike and fell off twice within 3 blocks (1 stumble and 1 endo). He just jumped straight back on though. His friend was very very chatty (high, I think), and another guy was shouting a cheerful “­­hola!” to all and sundry. By the time I got home I looked like I’d cycled through a lake.

Totally worth it!

It would be really really fun to get a bigger group together some time. I can’t leave the country until I get my permanent resident card back in my new name, so it will have to wait for a few months at the very least. But we should definitely do it!

Anyone visiting Canada soon?

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13 Responses to Propter Doc is awesome

  1. Propter Doc says:

    Oh my! Your journey home was way more interesting than mine! I ended up standing at a bus stop for about 20 minutes then the bus was full of drunken students…grrr. I had a whole load of fun. Thank you!

  2. Mad Hatter says:

    Sounds like a great time! Totally agree we have a larger group meeting. EcoGeoFemme and I are trying to get together with a couple of bloggers in our general area.Would love to visit Canada! My father went to school at UBC, and I’ve been wanting to visit that city for a while, but for some reason I’ve never made it further than Seattle. I’ll definitely let you know if I plan a trip!

  3. post-doc says:

    I’ve had only one meet-up with a blogger and I enjoyed it tremendously. I wish I wasn’t so far away (I’d beg to be included), but am glad you two enjoyed the evening so much.

  4. Amanda says:

    It sounds like a lot of fun! I’m jealous. 🙂

  5. hypoglycemiagirl says:

    i’m super jealous and most of my favourite bloggers are on the other side of the pond 🙁

  6. makita says:

    That sounds like fun. I’d love to meet up . We are considering heading North this summer, but I don’t think West is part of the plan. But you never know.

  7. CAE says:

    Ooh, it’s exciting that meeting some other bloggers in Vancouver is a possibility. I can introduce you to the community of drunk cyclists that apparently exists in this city!

  8. ScienceGirl says:

    Glad you two had fun! And your drunk biking stories never fail to amuse :)No immediate plans for visiting Canada, but I’d love to go, so you’ll be hearing from me when I get to!

  9. CAE says:

    I forgot to mention that the pub we went to is close to the shop where I bought my green wedding dress – and Propter had spotted it and made the connection on the way to meet me!

  10. The bean-mom says:

    Oh, that sounds like it was so much fun! I love propter doc’s blog, too, even though I haven’t commented there.I suspect that I am geographically isolated from most of the science bloggers I read. I have always wanted to visit Vancouver, though; I’ve heard so many good things about it…

  11. CAE says:

    Vancouver is indeed awesome. Avoid November at all costs; December to March is a good time if you like skiing, but if you don’t I would wait for the summer!

  12. Wayfarer Scientista says:

    Oh! To have joined in! Well, I may, or may not be visiting soon but I will definately let you know – maybe we should just plan a “meeting” for a group of us! I have yet to meet an actual blogger although I’d love to. And drunken biking is always prefered to drunken motoring.

  13. CAE says:

    Definitely let me know! The Aquarium’s looking for a Beluga specialist you know :-)The great thing with drunk biking is that the only person I’m likely to hurt is myself, and I can live with that.

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