To the bat links!

Busy busy busy. This is what happens when you try to fit a full week’s worth of work into three days and you’ve promised to write posts for two other blogs.

So here’s a nice lazy post before I head off kayaking for the next few days.

  • The best story the BBC has ever run: Teenager finds bat asleep in bra. My favourite quote is “it looked quite cosy and comfortable in there so it was quite rude of me to take it out.”
  • Also from the Beeb: if you would like to repeat this feat of wildlife rehoming by buying a bigger bra with lots of bat cave space, beware the new tax at Marks and Spencers.
  • Staying with bats: this blog post from Uphilldowndale is one of the best photo essays I’ve seen in a long time.

Enjoy! See you next week!

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6 Responses to To the bat links!

  1. arduous says:

    Have fun kayaking!!

  2. The bean-mom says:

    I know it’s been hectic, but thanks so much for your posting, especially the latest one on The Alternative Scientist! Have fun on your trip! I’ve just now been looking over your posts from your last camping adventure–hope you have at least as much fun this time!

  3. uphilldowndale says:

    Have a chilled out time…. I once listened to a hilarious account of the experience of a male ‘batworker’ (a licensed bat handler) who found himself in a ladies bedroom trying to catch a bat when her husband arrived home unexpectedly, he had a lot of explaining to do, with or without the bra!!Thanks for the link 🙂 and kind words

  4. Mad Hatter says:

    Have a great time!

  5. Wayfarer Scientista says:

    Laugh! That’s fantastic.

  6. CAE says:

    Thanks all for the comments! The kayaking was awesome… expect multiple posts and photos soon!

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