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Did you all see the new Bragging Rights Central feature in the sidebar?

I’m planning to update it every week or so, and this post will serve as the archive.

Past winners (dates indicate date of removal from the main page; it’s easier that way):

VWXYNot? Comment(s) of the week:
October 3rd 2008: Okham for “No, no, wait a minute… it’s the other way around, SHE is the most accomplished blogger whose boobs OW ever got to stare at…

October 10th 2008: Bob for “You might as well not bother with the Canadian debate, you can watch it now. Just find the last Aussie election debate on YouTube.”

and Chall for “Biden shines sometimes but her teeth shines more (sorry, not really on the target)… and please take a Bingo plate and see how many mins it takes you to fill the first one up….”

October 17th 2008: Okham (again!) for “Yeah sure…. that’s how you wake up one day with GWB for president. It’s gonna be the eight years from hell, but, hey, at least you did not compromise your ideals and proudly gave your vote to Nader…”

October 24th 2008: ScientistMother for “Chall – I have read your blog and comments you have left various places. I was hoping we could be friends, but your support of the leafs prevents that from happening”.

and Dr J for “nothing more unbearable than smug Tories, the very thought makes me want to stay in Canada – to me at least smug British Tories are one thing worse than smug Canadian Tories.”

October 31st 2008: Ruchi for “I don’t understand what is so awesome exactly about being in the presence of God. Intellectually, I understand that it’s like being in the presence of Barack Obama only better, but emotionally, I just don’t get it.”

and of course Chall for “I gave you an in depth answer regarding the zombies”

November 7th 2008: Mermaid for “Some people are just made of humbug”

and ScientistMother for “What is the point of having an iPhone if not to be able to go to a lame hockey game (sorry but seriously, nashville?? do they have ice rinks outside of the 1 arena?) and get internet updates on the election?”

November 14th 2008: Microbiologist XX for “They are calling it for Obama. HOLY FREAKING CRAP! YAY!!!!”

November 24th 2008: Crystal for “i have a mac and i love it, but, like you, my only real reason is “because it’s cooler” so yeah. i mean, being cool is good i guess? right?

oh, wait, i just thought of another reason: lots of PIs and scientists use them. so, like maybe it will make us better scientists?”

November 28th 2008: Ruchi for “I can’t be too sad because I’m inappropriately drunk for whatever time it is in Vancouver. Damn times zones making me out to be a lush when I’m not! I swear I’m not!!!”

and ScientistMother for “You totally HAVE to have children! Only b/c then I won’t be jealous of you being a DINK. haha. […] Oh and the no sushi for 10 months was utter and complete HELL. BIL#2 was told that he was not allowed to come to the hospital to see his new nephew w/o sushi.

December 5th 2008: Hermitage for “Through lots of intensive study, I and other labmates have discerned that lab mice are a big fan of Jamba Juice. And getting sugar spaz highs. Anything is possible in this crazy world.”

December 12th, 2008: Kyrsten for “the park attached to that walkway is one of my favorite places to have lunch…just far enough from the office not to run into anyone :)”

and Lisbeth for “I’m homesick too – and I haven’t ever been to Vancouver…”.

January 8th 2009: Mermaid for “Parents!!! You try to raise them the best you can and they still scare the hell out of you :).”

and Dr. A for “I want to hold a lamb! in an Amish community!”

January 16th 2009: Bumper Xmas/New Year Edition!

Bob for “We had a Secret Santa when I was doing my PhD. I got our Welsh head of department, so bought him an inflatable sheep. I didn’t leap up and explain how it worked.

Cuttlefish for “Your present will be sent when you get back!” (I encourage this kind of comment).

EcoGeoFemme for “As far as I’m concerned, anyone with cold/snow/slush can complain, even if others have it worse. Snow blows.”

Dr. J for “Yes, it will be nice to see the back of GWB. Harpoon I’m not so sure we will be so lucky, he seemed quite emboldened by failing to win the last election again.”

and finally Chall for “I will however say that part of my annoyment (anger) was the fact that ther swedes did not seem to be able to shoot at goal in the first period and to fail to make a goal (after finding it and shooting at it more than 23 times in the second) even when in silly amounts of power play. I guess that is the main reason though?! They failed to actually put the puck in the goal. which is, kind of obviously, important for winning…..

January 26th 2009: Anonymous for “I LOVE LOVE LOVE Scotland. I was there for a meeting a few years ago. Spoiler alert: Nessy is a damn sturgeon.

Professor in Training for “I’m pretty certain my current city would do very well at “No School For The First Week Of The New Year Because We Forgot To Clear 5ft Of Snow From The Roofs” and “What Do You Mean Kids Can’t Walk To School If The Sidewalks Haven’t Been Cleared? They Can Walk On The Road”.”

and Mermaid for “I have been privileged to be a spectator for many of these events, and a competitor in a few as well. You forgot the ever popular Wake the Most Neighbours: Spin Your Wheels for 20 Minutes at 2am to Get Out of a Parking Spot event, though.”

January 30th 2009: Silver Fox for “there are better ways to clear windows than water. Water freezes! (I think you discussed that in an earlier post.)”

February 6th 2009: Professor In Training for “I’m sorry, did I read that correctly? 8 mins and 1 slide?? Shit! Glad you got through it all without passing out or throwing up on those in the front row”.

Bob O’Hara for “If Canada doesn’t have a deputy PM position, you should just claim it as your own. You can sort out the responsibilities later (just as Cheney did).”

and Easternblot for “I wanted to call my mom when I crossed the border there (on foot!) to land as a resident, but my phone said “No, you are not in Canada.” “But I just landed here and have stamps and paper and everything!” “No, you are in the US. Please pay a lot of money.”

February 13th 2009: Silver Fox for “I didn’t laugh – I Promise – until you said, “Anyone who laughed is fucking evil.””

Wayfarer Scientista for “I spent my day on skis. What superbowl?”

and Ruchi for “A friend of mine went to a wedding where a Bishop had performed the service, and she was in the receiving line and had to shake the Bishop’s hand, and she got kind of flustered so she ended up saying to him, “Nice hat.”But I think calling the nuns drunkenly probably surpasses “Nice hat.””

February 20th 2009: Dr J for “In Britain the same people that bleat on and on about the banning of fox hunting are the same people that couldn’t care less when the miners were all fired.”

and ScienceGirl for “Yay! Off the trauma cookies and onto the beer, I hope?”

February 27th 2009: Infinite Science for “maybe it’s because I’m a native westcoaster, but I don’t get it. Like “baby killer”? hmm. I guess that is odd”.

Propter Doc for “My parents use lol as lots of love as well. I just use it too now, seemed easier than trying to correct it.”
and of course Massimo for, oh, everything he said on this thread.
March 6th 2009: Hermitage for “When the ‘leader of the superpower of all time leader of the freeworld’ can’t tie his shoelaces without assistance and a boob grab, it makes everyone look fabulous in comparison. Further justification for charging George Bush with war crimes.”
and Bob O’H for “But Mr. Sangria always seems so nice. Unlike the beer monkey who us always stealing my money and shitting down my throat.”
March 13th 2009: ScienceGirl for “I am glad to see some of the old favorite pics on the side of the blog as I type this, but man, I could have lived without a reminder of that worm-looking thingy that tried living in your friend!”

and PhizzleDizzle for “Bike polo looks fun…to watch. I think I lost my taste for skinning my knees on my 9th birthday or so.”

March 20th 2009: MadHatter (yay!) for “You do realize that by posting those Google search strings, you’ve now effectively moved your blog up the list of hits the next time someone searches for “bot fly up your ass”!”

and Hermitage for “I would just like to you tell you I am 100000x more afraid of the outdoors thanks to that botfly post than I was before. And I already scream at the sight of butterflies!”

March 27th 2009: Eva for “I mostly say “I’m not religious”, because I didn’t even learn the word “atheist” until I was 15 or so and thought “Oh! It has a NAME!”. As a kid I thought I had a religion that was called “public” because I went to “public school” and the “public library”.”

and Massimo for “Huh ? Not a good day ? I think it was an excellent day. Remember, each time the Pope says something like that, one more christian says “OK, I have had it with this”.”

Post(s) of the week:
October 3rd 2008: Ruchi for “Making The Environment A Right, Left, and Center Issue”

October 10th 2008: Jennifer Rohn for “In which science becomes a sport – hypothetically speaking”

October 17th 2008: The Digital Cuttlefish for “Modern Technology Meets Bronze-Age Morality

October 24th 2008: Dan Savage (via PZ Myers) made me cry with “In Defense of Dignity”. But then Uphilldowndale made me laugh with “Delusions”.

October 31st 2008: Richard Grant for “We Are Stardust”

November 7th 2008: No contest this week: Isis the Scientist wins hands down with “You and your HPV-free vagina…”

November 14th 2008: Female Science Professor for “Kitten X Gets Tenure”. (And you thought I’d choose an election post – suckers!)

November 24th 2008: Hermitage for “n00b images”

November 28th 2008: Eva Amsen for “Autism: the musical”

December 5th 2008: PhysioProf (@DrugMonkey) for “How not to write a scientific manuscript.”
December 12th 2008: a very cute trio this week!

Christie Wilcox for “Gay Penguins Resort to Crime to Become Dads”

EcoGeoFemme for “Finding Your Bee-People”

and (shamefully), I Can Has Cheezburger? for “Oldest Ever Lolcat Found *gasp* (Iz From Teh 1905)”

January 8th 2009: The Bean-Mom for “On leaving the bench”

and Okham for his joyous use of the strike-out tag in “iPhone and Projector”.

(And, this week only, the prize for best comment thread EVAH goes to Brian Clegg for “Get poetical, now!” This might just be the most fun I’ve ever had on the internet. The audio version is awesome, and I can’t wait to see the promised animation!)

January 14th 2009: Bumper Xmas/New Year edition!
Vanessa Woods for “New Years Resolutions…

Eva Amsen for “A Squishy Topic” and also “I Dream of Jenny”

Ruchi for “Are The Feminist Movement and The Personal Environmentalism Movement Compatible?”

Christie Wilcox for “My Definition of Cool Eco-Art”

and Cuttlefish for “The Worms Go In”.

January 26th 2009: Todd Oakley for “The Glamour of Marine Biology”

and EcoGeoFemme for “Thick Skin”

January 30th 2009: PZ Myers for “For God’s sake, have Bryan Appleyard’s articles made any difference to our lives?”

and Arlenna, who beat me to it with “Fun with blogrolls”.

February 6th 2009: Katherine Haxton for “Great chieftan o’ the puddin’ race” (make sure you read the linked article too!)

and Henry Gee for “Let’s all throw used gorilla poo at creationists”

February 13th 2009: A poem, a cartoon and a LOL this week. I love the blogosphere.

Henry Gee (two weeks in a row!) for “Lines on the future of human evolution”

Viktor Poór for “Catfight”

and I can has cheezburger? for “Licks me, I dare ya”

February 20th 2009: Anthony Fejes for “Epidemiology and next-generation(s) sequencing” (read this research presentation summary first)

and River Tam for “The River Tam blues”

February 27th 2009: ScienceGirl for “Welcome back to the 1940s”
and Mike Fowler for “What can the church teach us about science?”
March 6th 2009: Dr J for “An open letter to my fellow cyclists”
and Vanessa Woods for “Nicholas”
March 13th 2009: The Digital Cuttlefish for “Dude….”

and Henry Gee for “The amphibians of lurrve”

March 20th 2009: MissPrism for “Tuesday Evo-Psych Bollocks from the Institute of Pissing About”

March 27th 2009: Stephen Curry for “This is not good enough”

Sarbjit Lall for “Be afraid, be very afraid…wait, why?

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