Another blogger meet-up!

This was the first meet-up to which I brought a chaperone. After all, that ScientistMother is scary.


We were actually at a Cafe Scientifique event about the “convenience” barriers that prevent people from choosing more sustainable options (e.g. remembering to bring reusable bags to the store so you don’t need to use the plastic ones), and I brought a non-bloggy friend who is very interested in the field. And apparently I was the scary one – after telling ScientistMother that every blogger I’d met so far was just how I’d imagined them, I said “it’s too early to tell with you, though” and got a worried look in return. The first laugh of many that night!

After a few more hours, I was able to conclude that ScientistMother is just how I imagined*. Very bright, very passionate, and definitely not afraid to speak out and express her opinions (in a good way! The speaker was being naive/simplistic when he said money was the biggest barrier to getting more people to take transit, and ScientistMother was right that time can be much more of an obstacle. And, true to blog life, once ScientistMother had taken the plunge and become the first person to jump in, others followed, and a better conversation evolved).

Once the event was over, we had an awesome and wide-ranging conversation about science, blogging, the environment, and (of course!) Monkey (soooooooooo cute! Thanks for sharing your photos, ScientistMother!). I hope we’ll do it again soon!

I did find it funny that after all this talk of time and money being obstacles to taking transit, ScientistMother dropped me off at a bus stop, and I was more or less immediately handed a transfer ticket (with 50 minutes still on it) by a kind and generous passerby, and then the bus arrived within a minute…


*Am I just how she imagined? Let’s just say that she seemed very surprised that I didn’t want to go in on a pitcher (I’d just started my 2nd pint when she arrived!)

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"one of the sillier science bloggers [...] I thought I should give a warning to the more staid members of the community." - Bob O'Hara, December 2010
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8 Responses to Another blogger meet-up!

  1. ScientistMother says:

    haha, I guess I can be scary since although I think I am shy about expressing my opinions, I seem to get proven wrong when its something I am passionate about. :)) I was surprised you didn't want to go in for a pitcher, you did your english heritage wrong. All that talk of being a beer lover, I just don't believe you…hehe. Sorry it was just I was finally out with out the boy!oh and yes you were just as I am imagined.

  2. Bob O'H says:

    I was going to comment, but can't think of anything to write.

  3. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Shy?! Nah, I didn't pick up on that one, mate!And 2 pints plus a third of a pitcher is a bit much for a weeknight… next time!"oh and yes you were just as I am imagined."Jolly good! (tries not to look too worried)Bob, fair enough! You should come over so I can write a post about you.

  4. DuWayne Brayton says:

    I always gave away my transfers when I was done with them, at least until I started getting passes. And in P-Town it was totally faster to use public trans, most of the time. Not nearly enough infrastructure there, for all the drivers. I used to love whipping past cars piled on the highway, taking the trains in…And the expense wasn't that bad – especially when I gave up on owning a vehicle and just used one on occasions that required it.

  5. The bean-mom says:

    Awesome. I wish there were a Cafe Scientifique in my area! I've never met a real-life blog friend in that manner–I'm very curious, but I think I'd also be nervous… I wonder if you both are like how *I* imagine you to be? =)

  6. ScientistMother says:

    Oh BeanMom that just means you have to come out west and find out!

  7. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    DuWayne, I offer my transfer if there are people waiting to get on the bus as I get off, but most people who take transit during the rush hour have monthly passes. I only take transit once a week (if that), so I buy the books of passes instead. "They" don't like people giving away free transfers, obviously, and sometimes the driver won't let you on if he's seen someone give you their pass. There's also a growing group of people who make their living by selling semi-used transfers to tourists, which "they" REALLY don't like!Bean-Mom, maybe there is?! They do operate world-wide. And you should TOTALLY come out West like ScientistMother said!

  8. The bean-mom says:

    I do TOTALLY want to come out to Vancouver one day. And I will totally let you and SM know when I do.

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