How’s this for a headline?

“Cancun kidnapping, crocodile attack a hoax: RCMP”

From the article:

“The RCMP says a story about a young man from B.C. on holiday in Cancun, Mexico, who was kidnapped outside a bar, forced to fight two other tourists, shot in the shoulder and dumped in the water where he was attacked by crocodiles, is a fabrication.”


“RCMP said the incident began when a 20-year-old man decided to urinate in a crocodile lagoon in the resort area of Cancun, despite signs in English and Spanish warning of its toothy inhabitants. Alcohol was a factor, police said.

The man apparently was bitten on the leg by a small crocodile and fell on the rocks in the water, where he was attacked by some other 30-centimetre crocodiles, said Cpl. Jennifer Pound, in a statement released on Thursday.”

LOL! Eejit. And kudos to the CBC for their subheading: “Piddle in wrong puddle”.

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3 Responses to How’s this for a headline?

  1. RPS77 says:

    Hmm, it sounds like this guy was setting out to prove that drunk college guys really can be as stupid as people think.

  2. Silver Fox says:

    I like the subtitle the best.

  3. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    RPS, I had to wonder if he was going for a Darwin award.Silver Fox, I LOVE it when I see a glimpse of humour in a news article!

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