Puppies!!! Part II

Remember these guys?
Eight of the nine survived – an excellent percentage, considering that Mum is a novice. I finally got to meet them this weekend, and uncharacteristically remembered to bring the new mini video camera my sister got me for Christmas. I’m still learning how to use it (and iMovie), so please bear with the terrible camera work!

Happiness is a room full of puppies… minus the smell! Oh, and also falling asleep curled up on a sofa with the puppies’ gigantic mother while all your friends party around you. In my defense, it was 2:30am after a night of pasta, wine, dancing to an eleven piece funk band (three drum kits and lots of brass), capped off with a starlit soak in a hot tub…

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16 Responses to Puppies!!! Part II

  1. Anna Vilborg says:

    Oh so cute!

  2. Eva Amsen says:

    This is extra cute if you first read Anna’s (Anna K.) smallpox post. Puppies!
    Also, I’m jealous that you got a Flip camera. Everyone (N=2) has one! I need one! And a puppy!

  3. Lee Turnpenny says:

    My mother has just acquired a ‘fresh-out-the-packet’ minature Schnauzer. Looking at them, I can understand why?

  4. Henry Gee says:

    Whee! Poopies Puppies!

  5. Ken Doyle says:

    Congrats, on the puppies and newly acquired camera!

  6. Cath Ennis says:

    Eva, I’m the first person I know who has a Flip Video. I suddenly feel so cool! And this weekend reaffirmed my own need for a puppy. One day – when I somehow manage to be either working from home at least three days a week, or own enough land to fence off a big area for at least two dogs – I will get one. I was actually keen to take the mother home too – so cuddly!
    Henry, my first ever task in iMovie was to trim out (most of) the footage of the poopies…

  7. Cath Ennis says:

    Sorry, Ken, comments crossed. They’re (unfortunately) not my puppies! But my friends are very happy with them, and are going to keep one. They’ve narrowed it down to five out of the eight!

  8. Åsa Karlström says:

    awww…. so cute. makes me all soft and mush inside 🙂

  9. Cath Ennis says:

    Åsa, it was hilarious to see my husband and assorted other large, burly, and/or extensively tattooed men go completely mushy over the puppies!

  10. Åsa Karlström says:

    I’m in good company then 😀 (Just happy I can’t go by and get tempted…. )

  11. Richard Wintle says:

    Heh. Have you seen that TV show where tattooed bikers rescue animals? Maximal burly/intimidating/tattooage vs. miniature floppy cuteness.
    Disclaimer: I have only seen the ads. I would never watch such a thing myself. Not at all.

  12. Alyssa Gilbert says:

    Aw….so cute!! I can’t wait to get a puppy!!

  13. Åsa Karlström says:

    Richard: That hubby of Sandra Bullock is a tattooed guy with dangerous persona although he seems very cuddly with her 🙂

  14. Ken Doyle says:

    Baby animals, even human ones, tend to have that effect on tattooed bikers (so I’m told).

  15. Joanna Scott says:

    Awwwww… I want a puppy! Or a cat. Or an axolotl. Or even just a very small goldfish to look hopefully at me every time I come near it with flakes.

  16. Cath Ennis says:

    Åsa, the temptation was baaaaad. The hosts were talking about checking cars and bags for puppies as everyone left…
    Richard, I’ve only seen the ads (no, really). Perhaps if you ever catch a minute or two of it by accident you could let me know if it seems worth watching?
    Alyssa, any immediate plans? If so, please post photos!
    Ken, I don’t know any tattooed bikers, so I’ll take your word for it!
    Joanna, are you not allowed pets at your place? My friend was in that situation and used to volunteer as a dog walker at the SPCA for an hour a week to get her fix!

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