Hockey Pool, Week 12

The last update of 2010!

Well, I originally thought I was having a cracking week… but then I looked at the standings this morning!

Week 12

This week’s top point setters were Ricardipus and Lavaland, who managed 42 and 40 points, respectively. Ricardipus won the right to lord it over the rest of us as he leaped from 6th place to 3rd, while Lavaland is our star at the top, with clear space opening up between her and the rest of us. (Chall – Yule not be happy to see that, but there’s snow way you should be giving up hope just yet!) My 30 points look rather poultry in comparison, although I did slightly close the gap between me and Bob, whose position in the middle of the pack looks nice and stable.

At the other end of the table Thomas clearly made some wise picks as he made up ten points on GertyZ, who unfortunately seemed to stuff her team with turkeys this week. ScientistMother didn’t fare much better, and may need to put myrrh thought into today’s picks.

So – who wants the honour of hosting the first update of 2011?

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10 Responses to Hockey Pool, Week 12

  1. in my defense, I didn’t change my picks from last week, which meant I had a winger out with an injury. Stupid ski trip got in the way!

  2. chall says:

    🙂 you’re cute Cath! God Jul indeed…. with snow on top (a LOT of snow let me tell ya) 😀

    I’m not going to be able to change my picks for…. three weeks…. (one to go) since going on holiday apparently means “turning off brain, forgetting passwords and not being able to access my own computer (or much of any actually)” … nuff said.

    I really hope those boys start making me some points!!!! Happy New Years!

  3. chall says:

    oh, and I can take week 2 of 2011 (next weke I wouldn’t trust me with anything…..)

  4. ricardipus says:


    Also, sign me up for hosting an update at some point in January if you like.

  5. cromercrox says:

    As far as I can make out, every word in this post is in a foreign language.

  6. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Chall, I’m glad someone noticed 🙂

    Forgetting internet passwords is surely a sign of a very good vacation! Enjoy the rest of it!

    Ricardipus, thanks – I’ll email you an invite to the Google Docs spreadsheet where we’re keeping the scores. Would January 3rd be OK?

    Henry, I recently discovered that I was able to add both “English” and “Canadian English” to the “languages I speak” section of my Facebook profile. This amused me greatly. Perhaps I should petition to include “hockey pool English” as a separate category?

    • ricardipus says:

      Argh – I have a major grant deadline on the 12th.

      Oh heck, send me the invite and I’ll whip something up on the weekend. It might not look pretty though. 😛

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