Blogrolling: for the readers among my readers

Judging by the comments on my book review posts, and the book reviews I’ve seen many of you write on your own blogs, there are lots of fiction fans here at Occam’s Typewriter! So I’d like to refer you to my friend Suzi’s new blog, Suzi Feay’s Book Bag.

The Brits among you might recognise that name – Suzi’s written book reviews and author interviews for Time Out and the Independent on Sunday, and has just finished a stint as literary editor at the Financial Times. She’s also been on the panel for various literary prizes, and seems to know most of the writers in Britain.*

In short, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to books!

Suzi’s on one of her regular trips to Vancouver right now to visit her family (her brother’s a very good friend of ours, hence the connection). He’s the one who convinced her to set up the blog (and Twitter account) – she’s new to blogging, so I’ve been giving her a few tips while we all watch hockey and eat brunches and dinners together.

Hopefully I can also send her a few readers!

Go, read, comment!


*yes, I’ve pointed her to to meet some new ones!

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    Thanks for the tip…

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