Why do these things always sneak up on me?!

It can’t just be me, surely…

I don't have TIME to make a better graph! GAAAH!

This time tomorrow I’ll be on a 10 hour flight to London, where I will see my sister for the first time in more than two years, and meet up with old friends and new! We’ll then take the train (with my sister and mother-in-law*) up to my parents’ place  for a week, before renting a car and making our way gradually back down to London, staying with various friends and relatives en route, in time for our flight home on May 29th. It’s gonna be crazy, but tons of fun… assuming I get my shit together in time for the flight… now, where are my passports?

Our tenant is looking after the house and kittehs, but my blog will most likely be neglected and silent for the duration of the trip. See you on the flip side!


*she’s at a college reunion in London this weekend – she flew out on Thursday, and gets back to Vancouver a few days before us. Our best friends from Vancouver are also heading over to the UK, for a family wedding: we booked our flights separately, but ended up on the same plane!

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8 Responses to Why do these things always sneak up on me?!

  1. cromercrox says:

    Like the graph. But don’t call me ‘Shirley’.

  2. Amelie says:

    That stuff creeps up on me, too. Which is why the night before leaving usually ends up being a packing frenzy. Oh well.
    Have a great trip!

  3. chall says:

    HAPPY travels! Enjoy UK and home. And good luck with getting through all security and silly things that happen (Please tell me what it’s like to come back to Canada as a citizen 😉 )

    Hope you can look at the NHL playoff player picks once at least? I can offer to post the Round 2 if you want?! I ‘m not sure if anyone else has already volunteered? Anyway, as of today I was in the lead 😉

    Again, safe travels and have fun!

  4. Steve Caplan says:

    No standard deviation?

  5. Henry stole my joke!

    Anyway, think you’ve identified a universal experience there.

  6. Frank says:

    Christmas is another one. Suddenly it’s Dec 24th and the cards are still not sent. I think I need to start preparing now.

  7. bean-mom says:

    Have an awesome time, Cath. Look forward to your posts on the trip when you get back!

  8. ricardipus says:

    When I first saw the graph, I thought it had to do with grant deadlines.

    If I even went on vacation anywhere, I’m sure I’d have the same experience. 😉

    Enjoy!!! – even if you don’t get around to reading this comment until you return.

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