It’s the xkcd Wikipedia meme!

(via DrugMonkey, who got it from WhizBANG).

“Click on the first link not in parentheses  in any Wikipedia entry. Keep doing this and eventually, you end up at Philosophy”.

Who would ever have guessed that my favourite team and my former field of study share so much – and that the Canucks are closer to philosophy than the viruses?!

Starting with Vancouver Canucks:

  1. Ice hockey
  2. Team sport
  3. Sport
  4. Organized (redirects to Organization)
  5. Social group
  6. Social sciences
  7. Fields (redirects to List of academic disciplines)
  8. Academic (redirects to Academia)
  9. Community
  10. Living
  11. Life
  12. Objects (redirects to Physical body)
  13. Physics
  14. Natural science
  15. Naturalistic (redirects to Naturalism (Philosophy))
  16. Philosophical (redirects to Philosophy)

Starting with endogenous retrovirus:

  1. Germ cells
  2. Biological cell (redirects to Cell (biology))
  3. Robert Hooke
  4. FRS (redirects to Royal Society – Fellows subheading)
  5. List of Fellows of the Royal Society
  6. Royal Society of London (redirects to Royal Society)
  7. Learned society
  8. Organization
  9. Social group
  10. Social sciences
  11. Fields (redirects to List of academic disciplines)
  12. Academic (redirects to Academia)
  13. Community
  14. Living
  15. Life
  16. Objects (redirects toPhysical body)
  17. Physics
  18. Natural science
  19. Naturalistic (redirects to Naturalism (Philosophy))
  20. Philosophical (redirects to Philosophy)

But dessert is clearly much more important than either science or sport:

Starting with custard:

  1. Milk
  2. Mammary gland
  3. Organ
  4. Biology
  5. Natural science
  6. Naturalistic (redirects to Naturalism (Philosophy))
  7. Philosophical (redirects to Philosophy)

Yay, custard!


(or something).

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8 Responses to It’s the xkcd Wikipedia meme!

  1. Eva says:

    I tried this a while ago, and it WORKED for EVERYTHING I tried. Madness!

  2. Alyssa says:

    Holy crap – this is incredible! There were some things where I wasn’t sure it was going to get there, but it always did (I’ve tried “tabby cat”, “jolly jumper”, “light switch”, “knitting”, and “cheese grater”).

    I think I might have a new way to procrastinate!

  3. Mike says:

    I’m trying it with Kevin Bacon (oooer missus). Unfortunately I appear to be stuck in an infinite loop…

  4. KristiV says:

    “Marmite” gets you to Philosophy more quickly than does “John Hagee”. Bwahahaha!

    I thought for sure the latter would go through “evangelical” and “windbag” ….

  5. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Yay, beer! Beer and custard!

  6. Massimo says:

    It has been brought to my attention that reason leads to an infinite loop.

  7. I love seeing which pages different people decided to start from!

    I have a Kevin Bacon number of 3, by the way (kinda). Mr E Man is in the acknowledgments of one of my papers, for fixing some lab equipment that I broke; he’s also in the credits for X-Men 2, as was Hugh Jackman, who (according to IMDB) has an uncredited role in the new X-Men movie, which also stars… Kevin Bacon!

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