Portable document FAIL

Provisional PDF of a paper in press from my postdoc lab:

Are they editing papers with marker pens now?!

Pretty damn foolish…

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"one of the sillier science bloggers [...] I thought I should give a warning to the more staid members of the community." - Bob O'Hara, December 2010
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7 Responses to Portable document FAIL

  1. Mike says:

    Public Demands Freebeer!

  2. rpg says:

    That’s a font issue—someone has (over-)bolded that beta character.

    Mind you, it’s the JBC. ‘Nuff said.

  3. seth says:

    It mentions Cleavage so it’s parent control or nanny state censorship .

  4. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Mike, let’s get to the Pub, Damn Fast!

    rpg, I’m astonished that no-one caught it. It’s rather… obvious. Much like the band on the Western blot in a submitted paper my PhD supervisor was reviewing, in which one band had clearly been drawn on with a marker pen. Amazing.

    Seth, yeah, gotta protect those sensitive geneticists from such things…

  5. rpg says:

    yegods, really??

  6. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Indeed. It was a laughably crude attempt to falsify data, and in fact ended up being passed from person to person for mocking and bewilderment purposes, and then stuck on the lab wall with a caption saying “Don’t ever do this.” A strongly worded admonishment was included in my supervisor’s review, but I never did hear what happened next…

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