Remember remember…

July through November,
Abstracts and budgets and pain.
I see no reason
Why grant deadline season
Should ever leave you sane.

So, I’ve managed to extend the usual season (which started August 15th, when I submitted one full grant as well as three registrations/letters of intent) to November 14th by emailing all “my” PIs about the NIH/NCI Provocative Questions RFA. Lots of initial interest. And here I was thinking I might be able to relax a bit by Hallowe’en…

Ah well, at least the Rugby World Cup starts this weekend, which will be awesome even if I don’t sleep much for the next few weeks (all the games are on in the middle of the night Pacific time). Sleep deprivation will totally help with the grants, right?!

Blogging may be light and/or incomprehensible for a while…

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3 Responses to Remember remember…

  1. ricardipus says:

    Hey, rumour has it Genome Canada will announce their new competition in November. And we already have a CFI competition with deadlines stretching well into next year. Fun ‘n games galore.

  2. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Yes, I’d heard the same rumour, although I was trying to ignore it. But hey, maybe a December Genome Canada deadline can be a fun Christmas present for both of us!

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