Always wait for the (2/2)

Mr E Man and I were lucky enough to get hold of a pair of tickets for last night’s Canucks-Predators game*, and had a great time watching the good guys cruise to a 5-1 victory over a team that frustrated us horribly in the playoffs earlier this year. But nothing could possibly please the two guys sitting behind us: “we need to trade Luongo”, “why is he playing on this line?”, “why would you put this line on the power play?”, “why is he on the point?”, and a steady stream of “we really suck this year” (even when we were already 4-1 up in the first period). The constant loud negativity was really annoying, and so I tweeted the following (read from the bottom up):

However, just as I sent the second tweet, this happened (again, read from the bottom up):

I am impressed by this example of excellent customer service. But also amused.


*Two funny things happened when I went to pick up the tickets I’d requested from the guy in our building who organises such things. First, I’d brought him a coffee as a thank you, which fake-aggrieved the mutual friend who was with him as she said I should have brought her one, too. I said “hey, you gotta keep your dealer sweet, man!”, without realising that my boss’s wife was standing right behind me without a clear view of what exactly was being traded for my cash’n’coffee offering. Then someone else came to pick up her tickets while I was still there chatting, looked at them as they were handed over, and said “OH NO! I thought these were for the Predators game! But this says we’re playing Nashville!” After the rest of us stopped laughing and explained the situation, she admitted that the tickets were for her son. “I obviously don’t even deserve to go”, she said.

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6 Responses to Always wait for the (2/2)

  1. chall says:

    ahh.. joyous memories 🙂 although, sad for my pool with Rinna…. of course… duh 😉

    • Cath@VWXYNot? says:

      yep, I had him in my pool this week too, but was very glad not to get any points out of him last night!

  2. Steve Caplan says:


    Your blog seemed remarkably familiar to me. If you open to p. 59 and 60 of “Matter Over Mind,” that covers a scene taking place at a hockey game. Flip through and see if you don’t recognize the situation!

    • Cath@VWXYNot? says:

      Heh! Very good!

      And now that you’ve managed to engineer a situation that involves your book being extracted from a large pile of unread books on my bookcase in the spare room, brought into the living room, opened up, and placed on the coffee table, it has been promoted to top of the pile!

      Well played, Dr. Caplan.

  3. ricardipus says:


    Customer service.


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