Hockey Pool, Week 16

Many thanks to Chall for hosting weeks 14 and 15! As I commented on Chall’s post:

The new player values make it SO HARD now! Until Friday I’d had no problems at all picking all the players I wanted and staying under the cap limit (not like last year), but suddenly I had to ditch half of my stars and choose the best 1-point rated players instead! BOOOOOOO!

Ah well, this should separate the wheat from the chaff. Mr E Man is already predicting that he will rapidly make his way up the rankings now!

Well, I think  I was right on both counts!

In the “Wheat” category, a mediocre week for Modscientist allowed Lavaland and me to pass her; Lavaland had the best week overall, but I had just enough of a lead over her going in that I hung onto the top spot by one single point. Ricardipus also had a strong week and is just eight points behind Modscientist. It’s tight at the top!

Mr E Man had by far the best week among the chaff, rising from 9th to 7th and now only one point behind ScientistMother. BEHOLD THE RISE OF THE ENNII!!!! Gerty and Beth also had good weeks, with the former leapfrogging ScientistMother to take 5th place and the latter making up a lot of ground on Bob, who seems to be struggling with the new points values. Chall just beat Bob in week 16 and is now in 8th place.

Any volunteers to host Week 17?


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5 Responses to Hockey Pool, Week 16

  1. chall says:

    I can host next week too. I surely need the happy thoughts since I am not only doing badly but apparently part of the “chaff” ?!? huh. *imagine slightly grumpy face*

    Ah well, congrats Mr E man! You really needed it compared to the first few weeks and you kept going so, well done! Now, I only need to change my picks so I can avoid another week with 12 points when someone else gets like… ehh.. 50??

  2. Lava says:

    Thanks for the update Cath! Must have had some downtime on the train?
    I’m not sure how I’ve been holding on to some top spots lately, felt like I’ve been ‘injuring’ players by picking these days.

  3. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Thanks Chall! I hope you’ll have a less grumpy face next week 🙂

    Lava, I know the feeling – for a while anyone I starred seemed to immediately get suspended or sustain a freak injury. I’m only doing so well lately because that curse has seemingly lifted (possibly only temporarily) and I’m having good goalie luck.

  4. Hm, that makes me feel a little better. I’ve been completely unable to make up any ground on the leading triumvirate, and that trend seems to be continuing. Too many shared picks… 😛

  5. I didn’t get to make picks last week as the website was crashing and then I forgot (in my defense I was enjoying a morning without the monkey:) not sure what my excuse will be this week. I can host after chall.

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