Hockey Pool Update, Weeks 19 and 20

Many thanks to Chall and ScientistMother for hosting Weeks 17 and 18, respectively!

I messed up a bit by thinking Ricardipus had signed up for Week 19, but he hadn’t – he’d just said that he could do it “some time soon” – so this is a double update! I’ve now added a list of who’s doing which weeks to the spreadsheet, so if you haven’t hosted for a while please mozy on over and sign up for a week in February or March (Ricardipus, I’ve already signed you up for next week, but feel free to change that if needed).

Right, the update:


(I’ve hit my allotted upload limit here on OT, so I had to do this via Flickr and for some reason it’s put the graph on a grey background. But I’m doing this on my lunchbreak, sandwich in hand, so I don’t have time to fix it – sorry!)

Well, my run at the top came to an end in week 20, as my puck pick luck deserted me and Modscientist leapfrogged ahead with a very strong weekly showing. Ricardipus also did well in both weeks, almost catching me, and Lavaland kept up the pressure in fourth place. It’s still incredibly tight in this top group, and the leader of the pool seems to change almost daily!

Gerty is still all alone between the two main groups, doing consistently well and trying her hardest to pull away from the bottom five! In that trailing group ScientistMother and Mr E Man are almost neck and neck in 6th and 7th places, while Beth and Bob continue to trade places in their race for the bottom to be the most efficient player (i.e. the one who survives on the fewest points per week). Chall had a poor week in week 19, but has picked up since then and remains in 8th place.

It’s still a long way until the final game of the regular season on April 7th! Anything could happen!

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10 Responses to Hockey Pool Update, Weeks 19 and 20

  1. Lava says:

    This was the week Mod forgot to make picks too! It never works out that well for me even when I don’t forget!

  2. looks like I am no longer diving for the bottom. however I’m not going to brag otherwise I may jinx myself

  3. I could have done the update, no problem.. anyway happy to do next week.

    This is very tense – for those who haven’t looked, Cath and I share all but three players this week. Unfortunately at the moment her goalies and Canuck defenceman are doing better than my three “also rans”…

  4. Bob O'H says:

    My performance is just a virile show of strength – I’m able to hold you all over me without even trying.

  5. chall says:

    you know, I had a poor week for many times now….. 🙁

    Anything can happen! right. let’s go!!! 😉

  6. Looks to me like Mr. E Man is making a slow but steady charge.

  7. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Lava, that is SO UNFAIR!

    SM yeah, I think we’ve all learned that mistake at one time or another!

    Richard, my Canucks are Teh Awesomez. Also: Mr E Man is not having a very strong week so far, but predicts that he’ll have a better second half of the week!

    Bob, and we’re all very impressed

    Chall, we have weeks and weeks and weeks left!

  8. I’m not holding out much hope for this. Even when people forgot to change their picks over Christmas, they still pummeled me in the standings.

  9. Beth Snow says:

    Oh no! Bob is more efficient than me now! I better step up my game!

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