For whom the NHL polls

From the NHL website* today:


Well I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced!

Looking forward to watching the Canucks-Flames game dahn the pub with Modscientist, Lavaland and Beth on Saturday… 40% of hockey pool contestants agree that it will be AWESOME! (50% are geographically disadvantaged, and 10% can’t make it 🙁 )

Best photo from the last time I watched a game with Mod and Lava:


I’m the one on the right

Second best photo:


Our buddy J stealing Mr E Man’s soul


* is about hockey, but isn’t. This clearly makes no sense at all.

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4 Responses to For whom the NHL polls

  1. chall says:

    aww.. I would like to be there… Alas, stuck in the US south. But it would be awesome having more than Canucks and one more canadian team in the play offs.

    have to admit I’m thrown off lots off things tonight with the leafs losing 7-2….I blame that, My heart is crushed. And if Montreal wins tmw (not likely but still) Leafs is going to the bottom of the conference. My heart, my heart why do you break? due to the Leafs looking so good in November and December… alas, not in the spring 🙁

  2. I actually watched a hockey game for the first time this year, last Tuesday. Vancouver beat somebody or other by a goal I think. I was in Winnipeg, but didn’t watch the Jets game because, well, it just didn’t seem that important.

    Great story, no?

  3. Also – new poll result – “1 in 5 fans accurately predict Canucks playoff run!”

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