Last day, in photos

WOOHOO! (achieved with 24 hours to go. Sent Messages folder also now empty).

I seem to be leaving at a most fortuitous time…

On my final day, I figure I can get away with making the desk sign I’ve always wanted (I get asked this question a few times a week; I almost never know the answer. Sometimes I don’t even know the continent).

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8 Responses to Last day, in photos

  1. Do you have a box of tissues handy?

    And I don’t understand the empty inbox. I suspect you Photoshopped it to look like that. 😉

  2. chall says:

    aww… such a feeling! I’m terrible at good byes but a clean break with emptying the mailbox, the desk and taking all things with you is such a exciting time though!! (I never got that from my post-doc… it was a slow death, trickling and re-emerging into the lab finishing that ‘last’ experiment… ^^ )

    Good luck with the new job, and that the parents have arrived and everone is happy! And hope you’re off tomorrow and can start after a nice 3 day weekend?! (One can hope, right?)

  3. Alyssa says:

    Exciting! Did/are they throw(ing) a good-bye party for you? You deserve it!

  4. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Richard, I know – forget Inbox Zero, I thought that even Browser Tab Zero was an impossible goal a few weeks ago. But it turns out that leaving your job can make the impossible possible!

    Chall, it’s a funny situation, because I’m not leaving leaving, just moving a few blocks away to a different department of the same organisation. My current (soon-to-be-ex) boss is a co-applicant on the grant I’ll spend most of my time managing, and I’ll interact with his trainees as well. So it’s a much easier “leaving” day than I’ve ever experienced before – it doesn’t feel like goodbye at all!

    No time off in between, I’m afraid – I start the new job tomorrow! Ideally they would have liked me to start a bit sooner, but were very understanding about my need for enough time to get everything finished off here. It’s going to be weird – today totally feels like a Friday, and tomorrow will probably feel like a Monday!

    Alyssa, there was a very nice sushi lunch yesterday, and a couple of people also came out for drinks on Friday. It’s really not a social group – everyone’s very nice, but there’s no culture of spending time together out of work. And the two most social people left recently. BUT my new team took me out for celebratory drinks when I accepted the job, and I’ve already accepted an invitation to tomorrow’s regular “First Friday of the Month” after-work drinks. WIN!

  5. Congratulations and good luck with the new gig!

  6. First day at the new job:

    “Good morning Cath. Nice to see you. Please complete this 400-page Genome Canada progress report by Tuesday morning. Thank you.”

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