Weird critters

I’ve found myself favouriting several similar posts from the “Dropping The Science” RSS feed lately, with no clear idea about what I was going to do with them. So here they are, in all their weird and wonderful glory, for your viewing pleasure!

The laws of evolution have a very strange sense of humour…

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13 Responses to Weird critters

  1. Alyssa says:

    What in the world is that last thing?

  2. Grant says:

    You left out Venus!:

    There’s better shots of her around on-line if you hunt for them. Stunning face, eh?

  3. Alyssa, apparently it’s a blue dragon sea slug and not, as I had first assumed, something from Pixar’s latest movie. Isn’t it awesome?!

    Grant, squeeeeeee! (A friend of a friend was looking for a new owner for her similar-looking cat a few years ago. The cat’s name was Picatso, which I thought was excellent)

  4. I think the second down, the bird is a gynandromorph

  5. Elizabeth, I believe you’re right – half male half female. Cell division is so cool!

    Nico, that looks semi-delicious!

  6. bean-mom says:

    Damn, those pics are cool.

  7. bean-mom says:

    Okay, just looked at the Venus cat pictures. It’s quite striking if X-linked inactivation just happened to results in that precise coloration.

    And although I understand little about it, I think the phenomenon of X-linked inactivation is fascinating. Every now and I then I like to reflect on how we females are ALL genetic mosaics!

  8. alejandro says:

    “The laws of evolution have a very strange sense of humour”. This is true Cath a look at this!:

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