Hockey Pool, Weeks 10 and 11

I can’t believe the regular season’s almost over! I managed to make it to a game last week, which was awesome, especially because the friend who invited me – an Oilers fan – was convinced the Canucks were going to be crushed. Every time the Canucks scored I leapt to my feet while she stayed in her seat, resulting in some hilarious photo opportunities:

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Anyway, on to the pool!

week10 total

Week11 totals



Sugar Scientist edged out ModScientist in Week 10, but lost out to both Mod and Chall last week. Looking at the overall points trend, Mod looks to be pulling away from Sugar Scientist at the top, but there are still a couple of weeks left and anything can happen! As an illustration of this latter phenomenon SBCVandy and Bam294 did really well in Week 10, but I have to say that this is looking like a two-horse race (if that) at this stage.

While I’m under no illusion that the Canucks are going to win the cup this year, I am very much looking forward to some playoff hockey. There will be a playoff pool… stay tuned…


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4 Responses to Hockey Pool, Weeks 10 and 11

  1. chall says:

    well if there was a few more weeks than only 3 I might might hope to get to the top 4… (a girl can dream). Right now, I can sorta only hope that I will keep SBCVAndy from beating me (and not falling to the bottom which is always a possiblity for me of course).

    That said, it surely looks like the Leafs MIGHT go to play offs for the first time in 7 years…. if I didn’t jinx it by saying it here of course. That said, I find myself wondering how bad it will be to end 5th place if Boston stays 4th. It sort of feels better to play the 3rd (Capitals right now) than Bruins but right now I’ll settle for PLAYOFFS and miracle 😉

  2. Beth says:

    A playoff pool? I can’t wait to make my picks and then completely forget about them for all of the playoffs!

  3. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    I hope the Leafs make it! The more Canadian teams in the playoffs the better! GO JETS in particular!

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