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Get angry for the right reasons

This is my contribution to the February APLS carnival. This month’s host, The Purloined Letter from the Green Phone Booth blog, has chosen a wide-ranging topic under the title “A Carnival of Nature“. I have chosen to focus on the … Continue reading

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APLS Carnival

The MIND GAMES edition. As I outlined in my own contribution to this month’s carnival, I have a very bad habit of offsetting the things I’m doing well against some of my less sustainable behaviour. In need of a little … Continue reading

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Carbon offsets and other mind games

(This is my entry to the January APLS carnival, which I will be hosting here on the 22nd. Still plenty of time to get your posts in!) ———————– Regular readers might remember that I like to play a bit of … Continue reading

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APLS Carnival: On Affluence

(The inaugural Affluent People Living Sustainably Carnival asked us to define sustainability, and this month’s edition asked us to define Affluence. Great topics, especially as we’re all in the “getting to know you” phase. However, I would like to remind … Continue reading

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First APLS Carnival Post!

Gaah! Deadlines come around quickly. When Ruchi (aka Arduous) first announced this exciting new carnival about APLS (Affluent People Living Sustainably) I thought I had weeks to write something, but suddenly it’s the 12th already! Luckily I’ve had a post … Continue reading

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Tangled Bank 103 is up!

Hosted by me at my other blog. If you read it, you’ll get to find out why I’m sometimes known as Dr. Monkey Bum. Hint: it’s not (just) because of this kind of thing.

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Tangled Bank submissions please!

I’m hosting the Tangled Bank carnival over at Nature Network this week, so please send any submissions in ASAP! Guidelines below. I’ve had a busy weekend of playing with my kitties and almost beating Mr E Man at pitch and … Continue reading

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The PhD Blues

I’m not a postdoc any more, and this ditty dates from my PhD days. But maybe the cool kids will let me play anyway! Here’s a song my friend and I wrote when we were deep into the final year … Continue reading

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November Kickabout in Mendel’s Garden

Welcome to Mendel’s garden, and a fine day it is for some lovely genetics. And a game of football (you know, that game in which you move the ball with your foot, not that other no doubt worthy but definitely … Continue reading

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New Tangled Bank

The new Tangled Bank is up!I followed one of the links and discovered a new favourite blog, complete with monkeys, viruses and everything. Hooray for carnivals!

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