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Separating the l33t from the graph

Were you ever explicitly taught which graphs to use to represent different types of scientific data? I remember some very basic lessons on this subject in high school maths (and possibly biology), but once I reached university it was never … Continue reading

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The Teacher Feature

Writing my last (proper) post reminded me that way back in 2009 I started a series on my most influential teachers, and that I’d intended to include my PhD supervisor in the list. However, given that it’s World Teachers’ Day … Continue reading

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Dr. Strangehabits, or: how I learned to stop procrastinating and write my thesis

Athene’s recent post about how students write their PhD theses (plus frequent keyword search hits to my blog on the same subject) served as a long-overdue reminder that I’d promised to share my own thesis writing experiences. Some of the … Continue reading

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Feeding the Science Tamagotchi

It started during my undergrad research project. “I have to go into the lab tomorrow morning to feed all my cells, so I can’t stay out too late tonight or have a hangover tomorrow”, I’d say. After comments along the … Continue reading

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In limbo

Well, the post I’d planned to write next was going to be about how much I’ve learned from blogs written by cancer patients, and how that knowledge has impacted my work in a basic and translational cancer research department. But … Continue reading

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Random sampling and ambush mentoring

The teacher I had when I was seven or eight had a great approach to teaching us our multiplication tables. Sure, we did some rote learning and some whole-class recitals of the tables, but her favourite method was to surprise … Continue reading

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More on dating

Places where I used to write the date: On cheques At the top of letters Lesson / lecture notes Lab books Travel journals Places where I now write type the date: Computer file names Percentage of times I try to … Continue reading

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Why a three-year PhD is not necessarily shite

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting to a student in my department who’s just starting to write her thesis, and I mentioned that I wrote mine in three months, from start to finish. Several heads in the vicinity … Continue reading

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In teh Grauniad

When I was about 15, our local paper ran a special schools edition. They approached English teachers around the city, asking them to contribute pieces written by local students, and my teacher picked an essay I’d written. The essay was … Continue reading

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It Gets Better

(ETA: DAMNIT! I still can’t figure out how to embed videos. I’ll try to fix this later, but for now I’ll just put the links in) (E again TA: Richard fixed the embedding! Yay! Thanks again, Richard!) (3rd edit: adding … Continue reading

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