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Could this be…

…the most useless list of spellcheck suggestions of all time? (I’m sure a tamarind genome sequence is in the works, somewhere…) …the worst possible weather in which to be running around collecting grant signatures from PIs in three different buildings? … Continue reading

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Time to write a final report on a completed grant!

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Lay it on the line

As I mentioned way back in 2008, I’m often called upon to write lay abstracts for my department’s grant applications and website, and – less often – for press releases and assorted other documents. This is still one of my … Continue reading

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A Few Maxims For The Instruction Of The Over-Educated

The Western blot – an assay that allows you to separate all the proteins in a sample by size using gel electrophoresis and then detect the presence of a particular protein using an antibody that (hopefully) binds specifically to it … Continue reading

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LabLit: like a boss

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Weight, watt?

From an automatic pre-send spell check of an email I sent today, asking a PI for guidance on some subfield-specific terminology: Very helpful. In other news, I learned today that my online life is benefiting my career: years of experience … Continue reading

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“I always know everything”

^^quote by my youngest nephew, then four years old (he’s now ten, still knows everything, and wants to be a lawyer, FSM help us all). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I spent Friday in an all-day symposium at my institute, on the subject of … Continue reading

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Separating the l33t from the graph

Were you ever explicitly taught which graphs to use to represent different types of scientific data? I remember some very basic lessons on this subject in high school maths (and possibly biology), but once I reached university it was never … Continue reading

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Science Crossword Quiz

As I mentioned on Friday, while tidying my desk at work last week I found a new and miraculously untouched science puzzle from last year’s desk calendar! It’s in the form of a crossword, and after trying and failing to format … Continue reading

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A week in grant wrangling

Following Frank’s excellent example, it seemed like a good week to present a week’s worth of daily bulletins about what I actually do for a living. As I alluded to in my last post it’s the busiest time of year … Continue reading

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