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Happy Hallowe’en!

From a Teenage Mutant Incompetent Ninja Turtle, and dead-Goose-from-Top-Gun Yes, that’s a saw blade through my belly – like I said, incompetent ninja. I also had a backpack on under the t-shirt to make a shell, but it didn’t come … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day!

I hope all my Canadian readers are having an awesome long weekend! (And that everyone else had an awesome normal weekend!) Ours has involved spending time with various friends on patios, roller coasters, log flumes, beaches, ocean swims, picnics in … Continue reading

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In a twist

About ten years ago, a Dutch friend told me one of the most epic “lost in translation” stories I’ve ever heard. I re-told the story many times over the next couple of years, but hadn’t thought about it for a … Continue reading

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Trees do the darndest things! (Part IV)

“OK folks, I’ve been DJ Treebeard and it has been my pleasure to man the decks at the 3,457th annual Ent Ball! Time for one last song – everyone on the dance floor, line up, you all know this one!” … Continue reading

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A proposal for an improved curriculum vitae format

Let’s face it, the tired old standards of education, employment history, and achievements in each role really just aren’t that helpful during the hiring process. Sure, they’re necessary data points, but they’re by no means sufficient. You and your team … Continue reading

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Hockey Pool, Weeks 10 and 11

I can’t believe the regular season’s almost over! I managed to make it to a game last week, which was awesome, especially because the friend who invited me – an Oilers fan – was convinced the Canucks were going to … Continue reading

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Seems legit

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All media can be social media

One of the themes of the last year or so is that a lot of my traditionally solitary pursuits suddenly seem to have become much more social. The biggest difference is my job, but my evenings and weekends are also … Continue reading

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RBO Work

Lots of things going on, but nothing substantial enough for a stand-alone post. So here are some bullets! Having read numerous articles about how bad it is for you to sit all day, even if you’re very active at other … Continue reading

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