Yay, a banner!

I finally worked out The Secret to putting a banner up (it would have been quicker to read the instructions, I suppose). So The Beast is now proudly at the top of the blog, where he feels he belongs.

This is the full, uncropped, picture:

Next year I’ll try to blog more about him. At the moment he’s suffering from being from Melbourne. He pretends to not care about cricket, but I know he’s bluffing.
So, have a good New Year everyone, and I hope next year is better all round (whether you had a good year this year or not). I hope to see some of you in the flesh next year too: there are rumours all a-twitter about another CISB, and it’s about time I went to one.
The Beast would be happy for you to visit us in Frankfurt. Especially if you bring food.

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9 Responses to Yay, a banner!

  1. Lou Woodley says:

    What a gorgeous picture! (And how do you keep the Beast that clean? The cat we’re "sharing" with our neighbours always looks much more battle-worn than that…or maybe that’s his excuse for getting more attention…).
    Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. Bob O'Hara says:

    The Beast is self-cleaning. He’s also an indoor cat, which helps a lot. He knows where it’s warm and comfy.

  3. Linda Lin says:

     CUTE! And so fluffy! I bet he gets cut about missing the Melbourne cup as well

  4. Cath Ennis says:


  5. Cath Ennis says:

    p.s. Happy New Year to you, Grrl, and The Beast!

  6. Kristi Vogel says:

    Beautiful catnap banner!  But is the Beast certain that the parrots won’t ambush him in his sleep?
    Happy New Year!

  7. Graham Steel says:

    Oooh. Did someone say something about another CISB?? News to me….

  8. Laura Wheeler says:

     Yey lovely banner @Bob! Happy 2011!!!

  9. Graham Steel says:

    Bob, good news on the CISB front.
    It was confirmed on Fb last night by Henry himself that CISB is on for 2011 AND 2012 !!

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