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Come and work with me in Frankfurt!

We’ve got an EXCITING(!) EXHILARATING(!!) ENTERTAINING(!!!) EXASPERATING(!V) opportunity for someone wanting to do a post-doc in Frankfurt, working in the Data and Modelling group here at BiK-F. I’ll be one of the people supervising the project. The official announcement is … Continue reading

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How old is your method?

Over on the Methods in Ecology & Evolution blog, Sam (our Assistant Editor) has just put up a podcast she edited from interviews made by Barb Anderson at Intecol this year. She wandered the meeting with a sonic screwdriver asking … Continue reading

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Simple models can lead to generality in ecology

It’s always nice to read a paper that is obviously wrong, but where you have to think about why it is wrong. Because it makes you, well, think. And sometimes learn something new. So when I see a paper in … Continue reading

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Changing ecologists’ statistics to statistics about nature

Whilst my back was turned, I had another paper published online early. It’s rather embarrassing that I didn’t notice, because I’m an Executive Editor for the journal. The paper is, of course, superb (most of the work was done by … Continue reading

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Doing stuff with Ecological Networks

A few months ago one of my former post-docs mentioned that he had been thinking about ecological networks. One common type of network is a bipartite network, for example a plant-frugivore network, where members of one group (e.g. frugivores) may … Continue reading

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BaSTA – More fun than a Swedish sauna

One day, a few years ago, I was drinking with some fellow biologists in “Seminar Room A” opposite the Natural History Museum in Helsinki. The Sibelius Academy is next door to the museum, so we shared the bar with musicians. … Continue reading

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The source of a quote about the Second Law?

A few years ago I saw a quote up on the wall on the MRG lab in Helsinki, and I’m wondering if anyone knows its provenance. It went something like this: The Second Law of Thermodynamics, as it applies to … Continue reading

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Meta-analyses in Ecology and Evolution

I talked myself into giving a talk in a group seminar about meta-analyses in September, but that was shifted to November, so that everyone could attend. So, here it is. I have a couple of thoughts about how meta-analyses in … Continue reading

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Species Distribution Modeling Software Survey

Those of you who work with species distribution models might want to take this survey about the software we used to do the modelling. The ecologists at Microsoft Research in Cambridge want to know. The survey closes on July 1st, … Continue reading

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