Doing stuff with Ecological Networks

A few months ago one of my former post-docs mentioned that he had been thinking about ecological networks. One common type of network is a bipartite network, for example a plant-frugivore network, where members of one group (e.g. frugivores) may interact with members of the other (e.g. plants). my post.doc was worrying a bit about how to analyse this sort of data, because the current methods don’t look great (they use methods designed for networks that are completely known, whereas ours have a lot of missing data).

So, we came up with some ideas, and wrote a paper. I’m talking about it to a group in the institute today, so I thought I’d out the slides up, so you can all take a look:

This work is still progressing, so if you have any suggestions, comments or questions, I’m all ears. Except for my nose.

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