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lme4: destined to become stable through rounding?

(this would have appeared on my blog on Nature Network, but the pulled the plug the day before. Sometimes correlation does not mean causation) Fans of R and mixed models are aware of the lme4 package. This started out as … Continue reading

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PCa and PCoA explained

Just before Christmas I was asked to talk to our molecular biologists about multivariate analyses. I was reminded of this on Thursday afternoon, when I saw that I had to talk to them on Friday. “Ah, no problem”, I thought. … Continue reading

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Some Important and Weighty Stuff in Statistics

(note: to create maximal puzzlement I have cross-posted this at my other blog) Right, now let’s talk about methods for stochastic numerical integration, in particular calculating importance weights. This is a technique that is probably underused, largely because… Why are … Continue reading

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