Now, this is embarrassing

I’ve just received an email from a colleague telling me (well, us) that our paper is now online.
I had totally forgotten that I was on the paper.

I looked at the paper, and had an “oh, yeah” moment – I did some of the analysis for them. This happens to me sometimes, I get asked to help with the analysis of data, and then the person comes back six months later with a further question. I don’t mind that, but in return I hope they don’t mind the blank expression on my face for half a minute as I desperately try and remember what the problem was. Or, in extreme cases, who they are.
Oh, and I can now add 4 names to my list of co-authors who I’ve never met. I’ve even got one paper for which I haven’t met any of my co-authors.

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2 Responses to Now, this is embarrassing

  1. Maxine Clarke says:

    I recently wrote an article (at request of the journal concerned) and the first thing I knew about its publication was when the journal (kindly) sent me some reprints – weeks later. I’m a single author so don’t have your other problem on this occasion!
    But it does seem to me that it would be easy enough for publications to send authors an e-mail alert when their articles are pubished, including the pub date and biblio details (including DOI).

  2. taqi ahmed khan says:

    why are you saying embrassin,this is god for you that your name is in the paper.

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