He should be sent to join a chain gang

This from The Guardian:

2,865 bikes recovered from world’s most prolific cycle thief

They found drugs at his house. I guess he was peddling them as well.

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7 Responses to He should be sent to join a chain gang

  1. Maxine Clarke says:

    Pedalling them as well, don’t you mean? 😉

  2. Bob O'Hara says:

    I guess that depends on the gear he was using.

  3. Mike Fowler says:

    How on earth did 2865 stolen bikes get reduced to “58 charges of theft, attempted theft, possession of stolen goods and possession of burglary tools”?
    And for him to be the most prolific, I suppose they know who is the 2nd most? Or is that the more prolific?
    And as for the awful puns, you lot can just get on yer bikes. Bunch of cyclepaths.

  4. Cath Ennis says:

    Maybe he was part of a gang, and he just happened to be the one who got saddled with the drugs when the police showed up.

  5. Bob O'Hara says:

    Was he just the gang’s spokes-man?

  6. Cath Ennis says:

    That’s probably what he’ll say, but I doubt it will work out for him. I hope he can handle bars on his windows, or else he might have a brake down in prison.

  7. Maxine Clarke says:

    Which will tyre him out.

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